The Oracle State of Mind
The Oracle State of Mind
Jim Bratsakis Posted by Jim Bratsakis

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These times are a changing… so adapt and party on.

The year 1989 seems like a forever ago. In May, I got engaged. In August, I went to my first Primavera Conference, and turned a part-time timekeeping job to make car payments into a full-time scheduling, project controls career. Back then I was happy to get an amber monitor instead of a green one. Finest Hour software came with at least 20 5 ¼ floppy disks. I worked for a guy who looked like Mr. Clean with bow legs. He would say, “Jim, if people think you are an asshole, then you’re doing a good job as a boss.” “Well, you’re doing a great job sir!” replied snarky Jimmy.

Now, 25 years later, technology—and the times—have changed. But Primavera P6, now owned by Oracle, is still the best project management software. And my being of quick tongue has not changed.

Both of us have made missteps along the way. Primavera betting on OS2… My hitting a fraternity house couch in the middle of the road with the new company Taurus. Primavera abandoning pay requisitions and Time Scaled Logic drawings in transitions to new and better “versions”… My insisting on not needing joists for a roof at Soldier Field… to mention a few of those missteps.

Oracle project portfolio

Now, 25 years later we are more successful in spite of those missteps. Primavera is now Oracle. Of all the changes to my career, this is the adjustment. What was a small, growing company with many friends has become the biblical leviathan. Well, Oracle is bigger and the intimacy is lost, but that doesn’t make Oracle evil, just bigger…really frickin’ big! They sell software, or “push plastic,” in trade parlance.

Oracle is different, but don’t forget one simple fact: Oracle P6 is still the best enterprise project portfolio and scheduling tool available. Stop the quibbling, get a helmet and move forward. Could it improve? Sure, so can my company, but it doesn’t change the fact that Oracle P6 is number one. Is it a complicated set-up? Yes. Primavera has migrated from an awesome desktop tool to an enterprise class database system that synergizes with every aspect of your corporation: accounting, asset management, timekeeping, etc. MCSI, my company, just keeps growing with Oracle.

The bottom line is that I’ve changed a lot too. Over the last 25 years I’ve put on weight and grayed, but I’m still the smart-assed, extremely handsome Greek guy I was back then. Like my wife over the last 25 years, Oracle is very complicated but it’s still the best…like my beautiful bride, it’s just really hard to figure out. Sure, times change, but certain things stay constant.

So, we all adapt. Bring on the projects!


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