Service Station Packages

Service Station Packages

Are you looking for analysis and recommendations on a specific project but can’t afford the time and financial investment of full-blown consulting services? We understand you have places to go! Pull into the Service Station so we can help get your project running more smoothly and back on the road more quickly.

With the MCSI Service Station, we’ll take your project for a test drive to analyze your processes and systems. Contact us today to get started!

Project Pit Stop: A Quick Analysis

When you roll in with your project, we’ll pop the hood, and run it through a number of indicators to find out what’s working and what’s not, then analyze what we see. This process only takes about a half day.

We use these indicators:

  • Relationship differential
  • Critical path review
  • Cost loaded issues
  • Real constraint issues
  • Schedule flexibility

After checking these indicators and more—the project management equivalent of running engine diagnostics—we will provide you with a comprehensive list of our findings and solutions. If you need our help in fixing any issues, we’re available for that as well. The MCSI Project Pit Stop is available in person or online.

Project Garage: A Bumper-To-Bumper Project Review

We’ll get your project management processes up on the hoist and thoroughly analyze every component. To do that, we interview key personnel with a list of more than 70 questions. After these interviews, we develop a profile of your project management/control system. From there, we determine areas that are running smoothly and others that could use a tune-up. Project Garage takes one to three days to complete.

Every component from your Project Garage review is detailed in our final report. We will outline our conclusions and provide recommendations to improve your project management process. Following the review, the MCSI team is available to work with you on implementation.

Call on the MCSI Service Station to get your project management processes operating like a well-oiled machine!