Remote Project Management (RPM)

Where the rubber hits the road on your construction projects.

Remote Project Management

Keep your construction project on track with remote project management services from MCSI. We take the pain out of complex project scheduling. Count on the MCSI consulting team to build your project schedule using Oracle P6 (Primavera) software and provide the reports you need, when you need them.

RPM: Discover the Benefits

  • Tap into leading project scheduling expertise
  • Reduce your construction scheduling overhead
  • Produce a construction project schedule that matches your project needs in every detail
  • Always know where you stand and what you need to do
  • Enjoy timely reports to keep your project in gear, on time, and on budget

Why Oracle P6 Software?

Knowing which scheduling software to choose for your specific project is like choosing a motor for your car. Without a solution that fits the project, you’ll never really get into gear. As an example, Microsoft Project can still be a useful tool in the correct application. However, Oracle P6 applies best to the majority of construction projects we see—and is often a project requirement.

Oracle P6 Revs Up Construction Project Management

Oracle P6 (Primavera) applications have long been the tool of choice for construction scheduling throughout the industry. Did you know? Nine out of 10 top construction and engineering firms use P6 solutions. P6 offers many advantages that other applications cannot match—such as:

  • Meet any client scheduling specification requirements
  • Provide a cost-loaded schedule
  • Create project recovery schedules
  • Simplify the update process
  • Have a multidimensional schedule at the click of a button

Perhaps the most significant advantage of Primavera is the sheer magnitude of the processing capability.

The P6 tool MCSI uses can compute complex construction CPM schedules containing thousands of activities and relationships. Many large-scale projects could not be effectively scheduled on any other software platform.

Cost-Effective Benefits for YOUR Construction Project

At MCSI, we understand that cost can be a major factor in choosing P6. If you implement P6 in-house, you have costs for software, hardware, and human resources (the employment costs for advanced job skills—plus training).

Why Choose MCSI to Rev Up Your Project?

MCSI has been on the road for more than 15 years, with an extensive track record managing construction project schedules in Primavera throughout North America.

We can serve you any time, anywhere with our remote services. We develop the schedule with you, using our own Primavera system. We conference with you for project updates using conference calls and Web-based meetings. We generate the schedules and reports you need. We help you solve your problems.

Let us be your project scheduling experts… so you don’t have to be! Download our remote project management brochure or simply
contact MCSI today to discuss your construction project.