Project Management Consulting Services

Project Management Consulting Services

If your project management system is in need of an overhaul, our team of experts at MCSI can help get you back in the race. MCSI goes the extra mile by taking time to get to know your business and your team, and will customize solutions to help you succeed with flying colors.

The team at MCSI has a process for managing your process. Here’s what we do:

We work with you to pin down the strategy and plan.

Good project management support is like football: Practice the fundamentals, forge a solid game plan, and success will follow. Overly simplistic? Maybe, but it’s true nonetheless. And it’s why we incorporate that same approach into the MCSI consulting services playbook.

We can be your basic lineman and provide Primavera Scheduling support. We can be the assistant coach who makes sure that the team is trained out of the same playbook. We can be the quarterback who directs the team. We can be the head coach who reviews all aspects of the project team and develops a winning game plan. We can be the tactical player who integrates your software with Oracle P6/Primavera software. Regardless of the position, MCSI has a proven track record as your project support team.

Project Scheduling

Since 1998, MCSI has been providing Primavera (now Oracle P6) schedule-building services. MCSI services have played a role in scheduling the world’s largest dump truck (as seen on the History Channel), the fastest NFL stadium ever built (Go Bears!), 757/767 Maintenance, SAP rollouts, outages/turnarounds for insurance project tracking, bank audit compliance, and many more scenarios.

The key is that our team applies our diversified experience to your project. We even have a tool called Fast Start for Projects™ to help push projects forward in a compressed timeframe.

Enterprise Software Installation and Support

No longer can you just install a piece of software. We conduct an essential review of your existing technology— such as your hardware systems, database configurations, and reporting mechanisms. Once the software is installed, we also review the project management process.

Most importantly, we closely examine your team’s makeup to determine if the right people are in place to maximize the existing project management system. It’s a critical part of the equation that we can’t stress enough. People—not software—make projects successful. This is where coaching, training, and/or staff extension can help.

We analyze everything, including:

  • Effective project communication
  • Clear stakeholder identification
  • Leveraging existing personnel
  • Budget tracking & forecasting
  • Effective EVA
  • Industry-standard KPI alignment
  • Quality & project auditing

It Cost What?!

Tracking project financials and a company’s assets is a strength of the MCSI team. Since our inception and beyond, we have been integrating financial systems like Oracle Financials, Pxysis, IBM/Maximo, Lawson Accounting, SAP and other database packages like SQL Server with Oracle P6/Primavera. We work on gathering requirements first, build a strawman, write/test code and have a functional integration in place. We can customize, or you can have a tool in place to help Oracle P6/Primavera adapt to you.

Work Management Managed

We have been linking Maximo, Asset Suite, and other work management programs to Oracle P6/Primavera since we started back in 1998. We understand that Oracle P6 has to follow the lead of your work management program and extend it through scheduling and manpower forecasting. Our systems provide project updates as frequently as every three seconds if required.

Project Office Support and Leadership

Whether you run the nation’s third largest school district, or your PMO oversees the world’s largest bulldozers, MCSI is there for support. Project management training, specification writing, and procedure development are part of the support we deliver. Many times we bring your organization into our Project Garage and use part of tested and copyrighted 70-plus review that isolates your project issues into: scheduling, reporting, project communication, budgeting, resource utilization, and technical infrastructure.

As certified implementers of Primavera since 1998, we have customized the initial Primavera Implementation Methodology (now Oracle Implementation), which is based in a six-step process that maximizes results. We scale and tailor these proven best practices to your needs.

The MCSI team will:

  • Develop a standard framework for your projects
  • Give you the ability to track project metrics/KPIs
  • Assess the impact of schedule changes on your project
  • Improve the communication of project’s progress

The MCSI team uses your projects, your software, and your processes to train your people on improving your project management. We make sure that your team is familiar with the software’s features and understand how the features apply to your projects. We don’t believe in training you on processes or systems that aren’t applicable to your situation. We’ll even stay with you as upgrades become available.

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