Leadership Development

MCSI has been providing training and leadership consulting since 1998. Part of every implementation has been leadership, consulting, and training.

MCSI believes in “THE ART” of leadership.

T – team is a collection of individuals becoming one strong group

Hhearing and listening to the needs of our clients

Eeducating ourselves and our clients to fulfill leadership needs

Aassessing what will most benefit the organization, providing rational focus

Rrelating to our clients with truth, integrity, respect, and trust

Ttransforming an organization from functional quantity to thriving quality

MCSI has been delivering successful solutions by responding to the unique needs of our customer. The recipe for our success is to:

  • Respond quickly
  • Use direct customer input
  • Develop innovative solutions

Our Services

Customized Program Development and Design

We specialize in designing leadership programs for companies and have expertise particularly in the areas of performance improvement, culture change, team building, communication, conflict mediation, employee motivation, business ownership, and creating strategic partnerships that impact bottom line profitability.

Programs can range from one to five-day courses or can be set up as a series of modules over an extended period. Every course is designed following extensive consultation that includes a needs analysis to ensure that each program is truly tailored to the customer’s need.

Customized Team Building

We design team building programs by giving special attention to formulating activities that will best achieve each group’s unique goals. Participants work with teammates to solve structured problems that require collaboration, communication, and an understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses. For all activities, debriefing is an essential means to reflect on the process and articulate the team’s learning. Our experienced facilitators help participants share their experiences and relate them to their work environment.

1-on-1 Personal and Executive Coaching

Coaching is a process that unlocks your greatest potential so you can achieve your ultimate vision. We will work with you to achieve your goals by helping you consider how you act, why you are motivated to act, the impact of your actions on others, and how to adapt to create win/win outcomes. We can also help you crystallize your vision, clarify and help define your strategy, coordinate your resources to achieve your goals, help keep you and your team accountable, and continually guide you with objective feedback. We coach through the following mediums: in person, e-mail, and tele-coaching.

Customized 360° Feedback

Constructive performance evaluations are crucial to getting the highest level of contribution from your employees. The 360° Feedback process is a proven method for gathering pertinent information about employee effectiveness across the full spectrum of job responsibilities. Among the many benefits of contracting our services is that we are impartial to your results.

Conflict Mediation

Mediation provides organizations a means for bringing people together during periods of stress to learn and communicate. Stresses brought about by changes in infrastructure, in roles, in duties, or in opportunities will be faced with emotional balance that focuses on creating a win/win situation. As a 3rd party mediator, we will help you address general patterns of relating, provide a safe setting to share concerns, work within the current authority structure, address specific problems, and provide a confidential and safe container to facilitate mutual problem solving.

Meeting Facilitation

Successful meetings and negotiations begin and end with agreement. We can help you facilitate informational, planning, and problem-solving meetings. At the meeting we will help you establish a warm atmosphere, keep the group focused on and progressing toward your goals, ensure the productive involvement of all participants, keep the meeting on schedule, address interpersonal issues, and help the group develop next steps. After the meeting we draft written meeting summaries, identify next steps, highlight potential pitfalls, and report to management.

MCSI Organizational Development/Training Development

…when you need to ASSESS your current situation

…when you need to BUILD stronger teams

…when you need to INCREASE the performance levels of your employees

…when you need to REBUILD your bottom line

…when you need to TRANSFORM your culture