When new products hit the ground running


A large international manufacturer approached us with its plans to upgrade all its products and introduce them to the marketplace. We were hired to help with the necessary steps to accomplish that, from the design steps to sales, using a global approach.

What we did:

We first worked with the team to create standard project schedule templates for each major phase of the process. We determined that communication with all parties involved in the project was critical, so we scheduled quarterly update sessions to ensure all aspects of the project moved forward smoothly. We also researched global business issues and standards in that category and anticipated the impact into our plan. This was important to help us determine pricing and manufacturing levels. Lastly, we integrated Primavera software into the company’s new product process to make recordkeeping, budgeting, and management more efficient and cost-effective.


With our plan in place, the company could forecast the new products’ release dates to help the marketing and sales departments gear up for their launch programs. The company was also able to track the impact of changing global standards, improving our ability to be competitive.