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PMI-Certified Project Management Courses

Here are the types of programs MCSI offers as a basis for our project management training. We customize every training program to address your specific needs and challenges. Feel free to pick one or more project management courses. We can also work with you to create a customized, role-based training curriculum to meet your specific business goals or challenges.

MCSI also offers Oracle P6 courses and other Oracle P6 courses.

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Basic Project Management

This workshop is a 1-day introduction to the subject of project management and is designed to provide fundamental exposure. The workshop is ideally suited for those who have some formal training in project management, and need a better understanding of the concepts and principles—either for their own work or in support of project teams. It also provides takeaways in the form of basic tools that can be immediately applied to small projects. Software tools are not discussed because of the many tools available and in use.

You’ll learn:

  • Steps for planning a project
  • Schedule planning
  • How to develop a work breakdown structure
  • How to understand the inter-relationship of project scope, schedule and cost

Course length: 1 day
Course level: Fundamental
Cost: $625 per Student
Professional Development and Continuing Education Units: 7.5 PDUs
Course Number: 2364-PMRC

Best Practices in Planning and Scheduling

This 1-day course will cover techniques and methodologies used in creating and understanding a project schedule. This interactive class uses real examples to reinforce lessons learned so that students can leave class and begin scheduling their projects. The class covers reviewing and incorporating customer requirements through the completion of a baseline in an easy to understand manner. This class focuses on scheduling methodologies that can be applied to leading software programs.

You’ll learn:

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Schedule planning
  • How to build schedule activities, network diagrams, and relationships
  • How to work with critical path method, forward and backward pass, and total float

Course length: 1 day
Course level: All
Cost: $625 per Student
Professional Development and Continuing Education Units: 7.5 PDUs
Course Number: 2364-PSC

Earned Value Management Systems Overview

4-hour course providing exposure to EVMS for those who need to understand the basics of EVMS, and the key value points of earned value management. This overview reviews the origins of earned value and current industry standards. Students will learn the key principles of EVMS and an understanding of the relationship of EVMS to the baseline.

You will:

  • Review calculating cost & schedule variances
  • Use EVMS to forecast/predict
  • Analyze and measure the impact of project performance control changes to the baseline.

Course length: 1/2 day
Course level: Fundamental, Intermediate
Cost: $400 per Student
Professional Development and Continuing Education Units: 4 PDUs
Course Number: 2364-EVO

Other MCSI U Courses

Earned Value Management Systems Fundamentals

This 1-day course provides the fundamentals of project management and earned value. Participants will learn basic project planning, control and execution concepts, have sufficient knowledge of their role in the EV process, and develop an understanding of the cost and schedule performance outputs of an EV system. The course illustrates how earned value is a part of an overall project management system. The course is based on the organization’s EVMS System Description and the 32 EVMS ANSI Guidelines, and references the organization’s Project Management Process.

You’ll learn:

  • How to calculate cost & schedule variances
  • How to integrate scope, schedule and cost parameters
  • How to understand earned value as part of the overall project management process.

Advanced Practices in Earned Value

This one-day hands-on course provides you with a complete understanding of earned value, development and maintenance of valid performance measurement baselines, and relationships to scheduling and cost/resource estimating. The course includes hands-on use of EVMS statistical concepts for schedule and cost-variance analysis, trending, forecasting, and reports.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply earned value concepts
  • Use and understand earned value data
  • Status a project using earned value methods
  • Understand various earned value formulas for predicting a project’s position
  • Track baseline changes

Want to take Earned Value Management Systems Fundamentals or Advanced Practices in Earned Value? MCSI will work with you to create a customized, role-based training curriculum for these courses to address your specific needs and challenges.

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