Our Approach

MCSI Approach

Project management training in the fast lane

When you work with MCSI, you receive customized training that addresses your specific project management challenges and gets you back on track quicker. We customize the experience by using your work examples as part of the training. Our approach, coupled with 15-plus years of experience, allows us to work through your project management scheduling, systems, and processes to help you streamline your operation, create efficiencies, and better manage all the components of your projects.

MCSI approaches every training program with a clean slate.

We examine all aspects of your current project management systems, looking for strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited or improved upon. Aspects include:

  • The makeup of your team
  • The software you’re using
  • Existing lines of communication
  • The decision-making process
  • How you control your budget and timelines
  • How you control resources

Afterwards, using your staff and your projects, we train your team on how to improve your processes.

Lastly, we enjoy a good laugh, and hope you do too

At MCSI, we’re a different breed. It’s our approach (yes, that’s the fun part) that really stands out. You won’t find anyone dozing off in our training sessions. Count on us for a colorful metaphor, a good laugh, and a creative approach to slicing through the muck of all that bogs you down. We work on the premise that a can-do attitude leads to effective project communications, and a great guffaw energizes your success.