Fast Start for Projects™

Fast Start for Projects

Fast Start for Projects™ is an interactive workshop that helps you and your project team answer the question: “How fast can we effectively plan the project?”

When you and your project team participate in the Fast Start for Projects™ workshop, your cycle-time required for project definition and planning decreases significantly.

Fast Facts:

  • Our facilitated workshop sessions use a hands-on process to engage that engages the project team to develop a well-defined and integrated project plan.
  • The session is typically 2 days in length and is conducted at the client location.
  • Prior client knowledge of project management is helpful, but not required.
  • Project Fast Start is consistent with basic industry accepted project management fundamentals.
  • Although we usually recommend Oracle’s Primavera, any project management software can be used.

Working together, the client project manager and team follow an 11-task process to build a work scope, schedule, and cost plan for the project. The Fast Start technique incorporates proven best practice techniques to help the project team develop a common project objective, understand their specific project roles, take ownership, and to formalize the project scope, schedule and resource requirements. Fast Start for Projects™ also reinforces project management competency and skill development by incorporating the principle that the best way to learn is by doing.

Finish your Fast Start workshop with team-built deliverables

You and your team will finish the Fast Start workshop with valuable project assets in hand. The specific outputs of the Fast Start are:

  • Project objective statement
  • Project planning assumptions
  • Project deliverables
  • Project constraint assessment
  • Project organization chart
  • Identification of requirements, strategy, and critical success factors
  • Stakeholder listing
  • Project risk log
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Detailed schedule
  • Resource estimate
  • Action-plan forward

MCSI partners with PMTec to facilitate the Fast Start workshops. Fast Start has been successfully used on more than 200 projects, ranging from large to small, and from complex technical projects (e.g. defense, semiconductors, software and hardware, research, technology, etc.) to administrative projects (process improvements, service, training, human resources etc.).

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