P3 Tips, with Bill
P3 Tips, with Bill
Posted by Bill Carney

Over the course of his 35+ year career in project planning, project scheduling, and project controls, Bill has worked with many industries and types of projects.

Do you know what DATA DATE is?

The P3 DATA DATE is the first available day to begin or continue work in your schedule.

If you haven’t started the schedule, the DATA DATE is the first workday of the schedule.

If your schedule is in progress, the DATA DATE is the next day work can begin (next workday) after your CLOSE OUT DATE.

Many people confuse DATA DATE with CLOSE OUT DATE.  If you CLOSE OUT your schedule as of the last day of the month, your DATA DATE is the first day of the following month.

If you use a mixture of calendars, select the day after the CLOSE OUT DATE as your DATA DATE.  If the DATA DATE is a non-work day on an individual calendar, the affected activity will begin work on the next day available on its work calendar.


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